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Mary and Joseph at the orgins of Christian Culture

Prof. Katarzyna Parzych-Blakiewicz;
Jacek Maciej Wojtkowski
Data wydania: Olsztyn 2012 r.
Stron: 162
ISBN: 978-83-61-864-53-0





Opis książki:
Wydanie angielskie



The following compilation of articles entitled “Mary and Joseph at the origins of Christian culture” is the culmination of a series of interdisciplinary reflections on the place of Mary and her Spouse in the sphere of faith, cult, theology and art.

In Christian tradition, Mary and Joseph are placed in the centre of the history of salvation. Together with Jesus, they form the Holy Family of Nazareth which is the role model followed by subsequent generations who start their families. Mary and Joseph inspire artists to obtain existential beauty from religious truths. The cult of Mary and Joseph contributes to the consolidation and development of Christian spirituality through showing the Saints as the perfect example of religious faith, hope and love. This is why Mary and Joseph form the origins of Christian culture developed by people who put the evangelical rules into practice.

Christian culture manifests itself through memorials of the past, patronages which express the belief in the spiritual support of the Saints and the works of art. The diversity of the content referring to Mary and Joseph characterizes the Christian tradition in Poland. Therefore, the following articles concentrate on the topic of the cult of Mary and Joseph which has been expressed by means of various forms of devotion, creative activities and theological reflections from the Polish cultural area.

Even though the below mentioned problems do not provide the full explanation of the whole research area, they might be considered an attempt to focus the attention of contemporary Christian humanists on hagiography which builds the origins of Christian culture and, in consequence, the foundations of Polish and European cultures.